SKOPOS scores with MBNA/Mastercard trial

Agency to gauge fan reaction to new all-in-one season ticket and payment card

UK. MBNA and Mastercard have contracted SKOPOS to obtain customer feedback on a new prepaid card aimed at football fans.

The card, which takes the place of a season ticket and allows the user to make purchases at a football stadium’s bars and shops without using cash, is being piloted among 3,500 Manchester City fans.

If the ‘PayPass’ card is a success in the UK, it could be developed for other football teams and sporting sides as it is in the US.

The card goes live for the first time on 16 March in Manchester City’s league game against Tottenham Hotspur, whereSKOPOS will film supporters using the card at the bar and catering facilities, followed by online and telephone questionnaires in the days after the game to gauge reaction to it.