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25 years of insights from us for you:
You too can benefit from our many years of experience

We provide you with the basis for your future business strategies. For more than 25 years, we have been combining figures and data with our treasure trove of experience from the world of market research – and beyond. So that you can optimally align your products and services with the needs of your target groups.

Our team consists of 120 psychologists, sociologists, communication specialists, business economists, data scientists, Germanists and many other motivated people. They work in the areas of market research, mystery shopping, employee surveys, CX, communities, UX and data science. All of our employees contribute to providing our clients with insights that help them make better decisions in the future.

SKOPOS Timeline

  • 1995


    Foundation of SKOPOS by the psychologists Olaf Hofmann and Jörg Korff

  • 1997

    Move to Hürth

    Relocation from Cologne to the media site in Hürth. Industry focus media
    4 employees


  • 2000

    Foundation of Access Panel

    Foundation of an Access Panel “Europanel” later “ODC Panel
    15 employees

  • 2002

    London is calling

    Foundation of SKOPOS office in London, Great Britain
    21 employees


  • 2003

    Expansion of the group of shareholders

    Thomas Starsetzki becomes managing partner
    26 employees

  • 2010

    Foundation NEXT

    Foundation of SKOPOS NEXT (Mystery Shopping)

    31 employees


  • 2013

    Foundation VIEW

    Foundation of SKOPOS VIEW (employee surveys)
    36 employees

  • 2015

    Foundation CONNECT

    Foundation of SKOPOS CONNECT (communities and CX)
    48 employees


  • 2017

    Foundation NOVA

    Foundation of SKOPOS NOVA (UX)
    71 employees

  • 2019

    Foundation ELEMENTS

    Foundation of SKOPOS ELEMENTS (Data Science and AI)
    90 employees


  • 2020

    25 years SKOPOS

    SKOPOS celebrates 25th anniversary and invites to the first Digital Customer Day
    100 employees

  • 2021

    Location Munich

    Opening of the new location in Munich
    Torsten Bischoffstrate joins the management board
    120 employees


Our Management


Olaf Hofmann,
Managing Director

Olaf Hofmann (born 1966) studied psychology at the University of Bonn and founded SKOPOS as a full service market research institute together with Jörg Korff in 1995. Together with Thomas Starsetzki he is Group Managing Director of SKOPOS Group, which, as a holding company, controls the operating companies as well as the shared services of the Group. Within the SKOPOS Group management, Olaf Hofmann is responsible for the units and Finance.

Thomas Starsetzki,
Managing Director

Thomas Starsetzki (born 1968) is the editor of the reference book Online-Marktforschung (Gabler Verlag) and has been managing partner at SKOPOS since 2003. In the SKOPOS GROUP he is responsible for Sales, Marketing and other Shared Services as well as for framework agreements, information security and data protection.